Angela Khan

Angela Khan, Philanthropist, Event Planner, Estate Venue Owner:  Sofi B., LLC

Angela Khan is a philanthropist and owner of Sofi B., LLC, an event planning and venue rental company available to clients looking for an estate setting to host wedding, corporate events, fundraisers and more.  Whether in need of a rental venue or an entire event planning staff, Sofi B. can provide a team of passionate, professional individuals at an affordable rate with features of the property that surpass traditional catering companies.

Angela graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelors Degree in Management Information Systems & Human Resource Management.  She then earned a MBA with emphasis in Entrepreneurship & Marketing from University of Notre Dame.   Inspired by hosting non-profit events at her estate and the mother of two beautiful little girls, Angela founded Sofi B., named after her daughters, Sofia and Bianca Khan.  She now consumes her time helping non profit and for profit organizations fulfill their  mission in planning and providing a venue for events that have panache and engage guests.